Friday, 23 June 2017

A lot has happened: new website designed, some updated, badge designed, email campaigns issued ...

Hi Folks,
It is been a while, sorry about that. Have been busy.
So what was going on?

A few websites have been updated:

  1. Vincent Butler – Horse & Dog Artist >
  2. Baltic Firewood >
  3. Viewbank Guest House >
One new website was re-designed and developed with cooperation with Donald Mackenzie for Concorde Trophies >

The badge for a charity organisation was designed – free of charge. They have 60th anniversary and are active in our area (see badge image).

We are still working on daily basis on SEO services for our local clients such as:
A few email campaigns were issued in meantime with all the news and updates:

Now we are working on two projects:

  • One is brand new website for a local family run garage.
  • Second project: website re-design for local family run carpet cleaning company.
Details soon. However for a quick update, please subscribe to our newsletter >

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Website updated, SEO services and Email Marketing booming ;)

Well, haven’t been here for a while. Yes, we had a Christmas break, but plenty of work before and after. So, here it is some update what where we up to?

We designed and developed a few email campaigns starting from the Christmas one >

Then we offered our services for a very low prices and informed about it in another email campaign > and some of our existing clients took advantage of this offer.

So, in consequence the next email campaign contains the information that the Viewbak website was updated. The changes were significant because some availability of the rooms and tariff are changed. See the html email here > or click image on the right hand side.

Another email campaign is under construction with news about another two updated websites, so please wait patiently and it all will be clear soon.

On daily basis we work on SEO services for our local businesses such as: